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                                         Paul George 
                                      And His Stunning Shoes


Paul George, born on May 2, 1990, is a highly skilled professional basketball player hailing from the United States. Known for his remarkable athleticism, versatility, and scoring ability, George has established himself as one of the premier players in the National Basketball Association (NBA).


George's basketball journey began at Fresno State University, where he showcased his exceptional skills and gained recognition as a standout player. In 2010, he decided to forego his remaining college eligibility and declared for the NBA Draft. He was selected as the 10th overall pick by the Indiana Pacers, marking the start of his professional career.


History Of Paul George

The history of Paul George's signature shoes began with a slower start to his NBA career compared to other superstar players. It wasn't until his third season that he earned his first All-Star spot, during which the injury-riddled Indiana Pacers heavily relied on him.


However, a significant turning point occurred during the 2014 offseason when George suffered a severe leg injury while participating in a Team USA camp. This unfortunate incident sidelined him for the majority of the 2014-2015 season. Despite his limited playing time, there was an overwhelming outpouring of support from fans and fellow players, catching the attention of Nike.


Recognizing the tremendous potential and popularity of Paul George, Nike initiated discussions about creating his own signature line of basketball shoes. George actively participated in the design process, offering his own sketches and renderings. His vision was to develop a low-top shoe that not only delivered exceptional traction and performance but also had a stylish and appealing aesthetic.


With his valuable input, the collaboration between Paul George and Nike resulted in the creation of signature shoes that embodied his unique style of play and personal preferences. The partnership aimed to provide athletes and basketball enthusiasts with footwear that combined functionality, performance, and visual appeal.


Shoes size of Paul George 

Paul George wears a shoe size of 13 (US). Later  he wears a shoe size of 13.5 for a perfect fit.

Paul Geoge Shoes Editions and Release date


Release Date

Retail Price

Nike PG 6

Feb 2022


Nike PG 5

Feb 2021


Nike PG 4

Jan 2020


Nike PG 3

Feb 2019


Nike PG 2.5

Jul 2018


Nike PG 2

Feb 2018


Nike PG 1

Mar 2017




 Characteristics of PG Sneakers:


The Nike PG line, consisting of the PG1, PG2, PG2.5, and PG3, showcases several distinct characteristics that cater to the needs of quick and explosive players. These sneakers feature a low-top silhouette that sits close to the ground, enabling agile movements on the basketball court. While the initial PG1 model offered minimal and firm cushioning, subsequent models incorporated enhanced comfort through the inclusion of larger Zoom units or a full-length Air strobel board, as seen in the PG4.


Notably, the early models of the PG line, such as the PG1 and PG2.5, boasted a notable feature—a forefoot strap. This strap served a dual purpose by providing additional support and facilitating the snug fit that Paul George desires in his footwear.


In contrast, the PG4 introduced some changes to the design. It featured a lower cut and thinner upper materials, which resulted in reduced support compared to its predecessors. However, the PG4 compensated for this by introducing a zippable shroud that covered the laces, giving the shoe a sleek and clean appearance. Additionally, the cushioning in the PG4 greatly improved with the incorporation of a full-length Air strobel, offering a more comfortable experience to the wearer.


Overall, the PG line of sneakers combines performance-oriented design elements, such as low-top silhouettes and supportive features like forefoot straps, with stylish aesthetics and improved cushioning systems, ensuring that athletes like Paul George can excel on the basketball court while maintaining a sense of style and comfort.


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